Laptop US Keyboard without Backlight for MacBook Pro 13″ A1502 2013 Retina ME864LL ME866LL 2013 2014 2015


Compatible Models: Macbook Pro Retina A1502 13″ 2013 Retina ME864LL/A* ME866LL/A
Package: 1pcs us keyboard without backlight without screws
Color:Black without frame

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Product Description

Compatible Model

MacBook Professional A1502 “Core i5″ 2.4 thirteen” Overdue 2013 Retina;
MacBook Professional A1502 “Core i5″ 2.6 thirteen” Overdue 2013 Retina ;
MacBook Professional A1502 “Core i7″ 2.8 thirteen” Overdue 2013 Retina

not for A1425, the length of cable is different
Replace Note

Air and air retina keyboard is more difficult to replace than air keyboard. If you want to to find a more straightforward manner,you can replace the entire best case
Replacing the keyboard requires that you dismantle the entire pc, stay track of over 30 screws the size of poppy seeds and then put the whole lot back in combination – perfectly.  If you leave one thing unplugged, or put out of your mind to route a wire via a ribbon guide, or get impatient and break the logic board then your day is going to flip foul, also allowed youto in point of fact take into account all of the components that make up a MacBook air.
Before you get started pulling, all the time make positive you knowhow to take away one thing first.  A few items pull straight out such as the SSD but others you want lift straight up such as the logic cables.  If you lift one thing out the mistaken 
Compatible Models: Macbook Professional Retina A1502 thirteen” 2013 Retina ME864LL/A* ME866LL/A
Package: 1pcs us keyboard with out backlight with out screws
Color:Black with out frame
Layout: US
Condition: one hundred% NEW
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