A1278 Trackpad Set for MacBook 13″ 2008 MB466LL/A MB467LL/A

Condition: 95% New, TESTED , 100% WORKING, Warranty: 6 months
Compatibility:Late 2008 13″ A1278 Unibody MacBook Pros MB466 MB467
Note: ONLY for Year of 2008 MB466LL/A, MB467LL/A, not for 2009 2010 2011 2012

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Product Description

Tools all over Replacement

Small Tri-lobe#00 screwdriver
Large Tri-lobe #0 screwdriver
Magnetized Torx T5 screwdriver

Replacement Note

This is where I had the so much issues: I simply couldn’t get the set depth right.  If you screw it in too some distance then there’s no give however too much approach it doesn’t work right either.  I had to reassemble and disassemble three times to get this easiest.
Something I wish I did before eliminating the old screw from the old best case was once noting how some distance it was once screwed in.  taken a picture first so I knew how some distance to screw in the new T5 on the new best case.  Don’t make that mistake.
While eliminating the 4 tiny screws, enhance the trackpad on the bottom with your fingers avoiding dropping off
Turning the screw counterclockwise will loosen the trackpad.
Turning it clockwise will  tighten the trackpad.
Make positive all gaps between the trackpad and palm rest are equal.

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Condition: ninety five% New, TESTED , one hundred% WORKING, Guaranty: 6 months
Compatibility:Overdue 2008 thirteen” A1278 Unibody MacBook Professionals MB466 MB467
Note: ONLY for Year of 2008 MB466LL/A, MB467LL/A, now not for 2009 2010 2011 2012
Package come with: trackpad + trackpad cable as display within the picture
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