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E-waste is the Toxic Legacy of our Digital Age

01 Jul
E-waste is the Toxic Legacy of our Digital Age INYES (2)

Our waste electronics are polluting drinking water and harming ecosystems around the world. It’s time to fix the problem. 1.6 billion cell phones manufactured in 2012. Electronics are packed with toxic chemicals—arsenic, lead, and poly-brominated flame retardants. 60% wasted Most of our e-waste ends up in landfills—both at home and in the developing world—where toxic metals leach into the environment.


19 Feb

whether it is worth to upgrade a laptop with an SSD through a HDD Caddy?The answer often depends on how you use the computer. In most computer shops you often see SATA3 SSD but what exactly does that mean? How relevant is that when using SATA SSD. In this article we want to make a […]

How the MacBook Pro 13″ Cools Itself

13 Feb
inyes how the macbook pro fan cool the cpu and wind flow

Looking at the MBP 13, you can see that a lot of careful thought has gone into designing the chassis, and it has been so successful that the main unibody design hasn’t changed since 2008 when it was first released. Cooling is possibly the most important factor in x86 mobile devices. Cramming ~35 watt components […]

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