Why is MacBook Air fan so noisier than pro retina

13 Feb
First of all,  it’s not really noisy if you compare it with other laptops. And it becomes a bit noisy only if you’re giving it some heavy work. Otherwise it stays quiet.
But yes, it certainly is noisier than the MacBook Pros with Retina Display. The reason behind it is the structure of the fan. The fan in MacBook Air is just like any other laptop with symmetrically positioned blades. These fans create noise which has only a single frequency (its not practically a single frequency, but a really short range of frequencies).

MacBook Pro with Retina Display has a fan which has asymmetrically positioned blades. Therefore the frequency gets distributed in a variety of frequencies. Which in turn reduces the amplitude and we don’t hear the noise.

Let’s hope that Apple will include these fans in the MacBook Air too.

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