CPU Cooling Fan Left and Right Set for Retina A1398 2012 2013 Macbook Pro 15″

Compatible Model: A1398 2012 2013 Macbook Pro 15″ Retina
Package: left and right side fans without Heatsink, without screwdriver, without screw
Can’t fit for other Macbook model

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Product Description

The fan is a Phase of the cooling assembly, it’s permanently connected to the heatsink.
Fans are such a lot regularly used for air cooling. A pc fan would possibly be connected to the pc case, do away with the waste warmth produced by pc parts, to stay parts inside of their protected operating temperature limits. It protects your valuable knowledge by keeping your CPU cool. The CPU Cooling Fan features efficient warmth dissipation and low noise, best design for top compatibility and superb component. This top quality CPU Cooling Fan is nice for keeping the CPU and different parts inside of their operating temperature vary!
Compatible Model
All 15″ Retina (Mid 2012/Early 2013) MacBook Pros
Not for 15″ Retina (Overdue 2013/Mid 2014)MacBook Pros
Not for regular Macbook Professional 15 A1286
Not for Old 2006 Professional 15 with Silver Keyboard A1260.
T5 Torx Screwdriver

making so much of noise
overheats and shuts off even as running a game.
the fan stopped spinning properly and the pc used to be displaying “Fan Error” on startup.Cleaning the fan fixed this issue for a even as however it&
Compatible Model: A1398 2012 2013 Macbook Professional 15″ Retina
Package: left and right facet fans with out Heatsink, with out screwdriver, with out screw
Can not have compatibility for different Macbook model
Apple Phase #: 923-0092 923-0091 CC120K07(DC5V), 0.3A KDB06105HC-HM01
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